Licensing changes to boost wine promotion as part of new global wine market agreement

Licensing changes to boost wine promotion as part of new global wine market agreement

AUSTRALIA – December 7, 2016 – The Australian Wine Promotion Commission has approved a new global wine market agreement (GCMA) with Russia, Australia and China to support wine promotions and sales across those five countries.

“Australia is pleased to have reached a broad global agreement on this agreement as it represents a direct boost in marketing opportunities and a direct contribution to the global wine market,” AWPC CEO Brian Leachman said.

“The new agreement supports the Australia–Russia deal on marketing wine with the Russian market as the most effective means to promote wine in Australia, which is expected to grow rapidly.”

The agreement will see Russia and Australia jointly promote their wine through a multi-platform program and will support China’s Wine Promotion Promotion and Retail Competition Act (WPPCA) and China Wine Promotion Promotion Law (WSL).

China will create a new market to provide marketing assistance and other opportunities for Chinese consumers in Russia with increase우리 카지노d opportunities to use their existing wine promotion sales in Russia as the primary support, according to AWPC.

Russia’s Wine Promotion Agency will have access to its own retail channel, the Russian Wine Promotion Center, to promote and sell wine to Australian consumers.

“Our strategic focus for this agreement will be on creating strategic partnership opportunities for Australia and Russia to expand their marketing networks and provide marketing support to promote wine sales across five markets, which in turn will contribute to Australia’s strong wine market share,” Mr Leachman said.

“The new GCMA agreement supports the successful and growing global trend for greater wine promotion in Australia and the continued strengthening of bilateral relationships, which are critical for Australian exporters of wines and for the growth of Australia’s business.”


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