Ángel Alfaro

1952, Yaguajay, Cuba. Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.

Education and Professional Experience

2007 Master degree at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), Havana, Cuba.
1984-1985 Studies of contemporary engraving techniques. Atelier 17 of S.W. Hayter. Paris, France.
1976-1981 He graduates from ISA in the specialty of engraving.
1971-1975 Painting. National School of Art (ENA). Havana, Cuba.

Professional Activity
Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC); of the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP) and of the Association of Latin American Graphic Artists (AAGL).
He has been a professor at the Higher Pedagogic Institute of Havana, at ISA, at the University of Los Andes and at the District University Francisco José de Caldas of Bogotá, Colombia.

Personal Exhibitions

2010 Collage Gráfico (Graphic Collage). Gallery of the Faculty of Arts ASAB, Bogotá Colombia  / 2010 Ritual (Ritual). Luvina Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia / 2009 Ritual Barroco (Baroque Ritual). Casa Ensamble Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia / 2006 Pinturas Ángel Alfaro (Paintings – Angel Alfaro). Jiménez-Arte Gallery. New York, U.S.A. / 2005 Ángel Alfaro Pinturas Recientes (Angel Alfaro  Recent Paintings).  Connor-Rosato Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

2012 Plástica Cubana Contemporánea. (Contemporary Cuban Painting) Cero Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia; Project Métissages Culturels. At the University of Quebec in Trois Rivières, Research Unit for Visual Arts, Quebec, Canada; Urban Mosaics Project. At the University of Quebec in Trois Rivières, Research Unit for Visual Arts, Quebec, Canada. / 2011 Papeles alterados (Modified Papers). Gallery of the library Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Bogotá, Colombia. / 2010 Rastreando el texto (Searching for the Text). Gallery of the Arts Faculty ASAB, Bogotá Colombia; Multiplicidad (Multiplicity). Gallery of García Márquez Cultural Center, Bogotá, Colombia. / 2009  El dibujo es mentira. (Drawing is a Lie), Alliance Française of Barranquilla, Colombia; Gráfica, tecnología, apropiación, tradición, AAGL. (Graphics, Technology, Appropriation, Tradition, AAGL). MAC-Museum of Contemporary Art. Bogotá, Colombia; Gráfica un lenguaje, Ayer y Hoy, AAGL (Graphics, a Language, Yesterday and Today, AAGL) Gabriel García Márquez. Cultural Center, Bogotá, Colombia; Mito y Realidad- Artistas de Cuba y Colombia (Myth and Reality – Artists from Cuba and Colombia). Gallery of the Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation. Santa Marta, Colombia; Interacción Gráfica (Graphic Interaction). Casa Ensamble House, Bogotá Colombia. / 2008 Proyecto de Creación Docente (Creative Teaching Project). 2008-Video. ASAB Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia.

Awards and Residencies

2003 Selected for The 24th International Impact Art Festival, International Art Center of Kyoto, Japan / 2000 Selected for the international event Art et Contexte: Points de Rencontre. Galerie L´Oeil de Poisson. Quebec, Canada / 1987 Prize The Young Print, to Latin American Engraving, Casa de las Américas, Havana Cuba. / 1986 Mention of Honor, 8th Norwegian International Print Biennial, Norway.


Museum of Contemporary Art Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino, Santa Marta, Colombia / National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba / Wolfgang Schneider. Germany. Print collection / New Masters Museum, Dresden, Germany / Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway / Museum O. Rayo; Roldanillo, Valle, Colombia / Latin American Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland / Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, San Juan, Puerto Rico / Atelier 17 of S.W. Hayter. Paris,  France / Umberto Giangrandi Workshop Collection, Bogotá, Colombia / Alonso Arte Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia / Santa Catarina Art Museum, Brazil / José Manuel Arce Collection, Albi Cultural Center, France.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Breaking Dreams

Ángel Alfaro April 2013

Artworks (9)

The Lost Childhood

Ángel Alfaro 2013

Charred Land V

Ángel Alfaro 2013

Charred Land No. I

Ángel Alfaro 2013

Charred Land No. III

Ángel Alfaro 2013

Turbid Waters No. I

Ángel Alfaro 2013

Just a Game

Ángel Alfaro 2013