Israel Tamayo Zamora

Santiago de Cuba, 1959

Education and Professional Experience

1980 He completed painting studies at the José Joaquín Tejada Academy of Plastic Arts, Santiago de Cuba.

Personal Exhibitions

Tamayo has presented 20 solo shows in Cuba and abroad, the most recent one being Puntos Cardinales (Cardinal Points), 2005 in the gallery La Confronta, Santiago de Cuba.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

He has participated in over 100 national and international group exhibitions, as well as in the mural painting events INTERNOS sponsored by the cultural workshop he conducts.

Awards and Residencies

He has deserved 15 prizes and mentions, standing out the Mention of Honor received at the Fourth International Biennial of Engraving of Orense, Spain, in 1997.


The Bolivarian Museum of Modern Art at the Quinta de San Pedro de Alejandrino in Santa Marta, Colombia, treasures several of his works.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Another direction

Collective August 2006

Artworks (4)

Paradise Recovered

Israel Tamayo Zamora 2006

Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci

Israel Tamayo Zamora 2005

Wedding in Bicycle

Israel Tamayo Zamora 2005

From the series Musicians

Israel Tamayo Zamora 2005