Joshue David Hernández Pagliery

La Habana, 1981

Education and Professional Experience

-Graduated of the Superior Institute of Art (I.S.A) Havana, Cuba 2008.
-He graduated as a professor of the Painting Chair of 1st year of the (I.S.A) course 2008-2009.
-Graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba 2002.
-Graduated of animation course, Department of Cartoons (ICAIC) Havana, Cuba 1997.
-Found the performance group The Golden Theory of Popeye of which is its director, Havana, Cuba 2003.
-He has written opinion articles for Cuban and American cultural magazines.


2014 The other narrations 6th Contemporary Art Hall, Wifredo Lam Center
Post-it 2 expoventa of contemporary Cuban art. Artis 718 Gallery
On this side of paradise. Collective exhibition, gallery ?? The kingdom of this world ?? National Library José Martí (video-installation)
2013 Plasma (video)
Super Vaseline (video)
2012 Kunsthalle Kuhlungsborn (residence and collective exhibition) Mecklenburg Inspiriert -12, Ostseeallee 38, Kuhlungsborn, Germany.
Crackdance (video)
Glory (video)
2011 Spray (collective exhibition) Hochhaus Hansa Museum, Dortmund, Germany.
Friendly Take Over (video night) E105, Bonn.
Torbellino (collective exhibition) Galería Habana, Havana Cuba.
2010 Ascent (animated video)
Descent (animated video)
2009 The Bliss according to Schrodinger (installation) 20 years are nothing collective exhibition Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.
Empty Tour (intervention-conference) Batiscafo Project, Havana, Cuba.
Tropic Conquer Tour (residence-actions and concerts in collaboration with Canadian artists Wax Manequin and Allant Flint) Hamilton, Windsor, St Catherines and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Flash (action 14) Rotilla, Jibacoa Beach, Cuba.
El Tonto de la Colina (collective exhibition) Galería Villa Manuela, Havana, Cuba.
Remix (action-documentation) event parallel to the X Biennial of Havana, Provincial Art Center of Cienfuegos and Casa-Vedado in cooperation with the Red Tree Foundation of Hamilton. Cienfuegos and Habana, Cuba.

2008 Extreme Nerdcore All-Star 1.4 (action 13) Teatro Bertol Bretch, Havana, Cuba.
Extreme Nerdcore All-Star 1.3 (action 12) Club Atelier, Havana, Cuba.
Poltergeist (personal exhibition, video-installation) Center for the Development of the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.
Extreme Nerdcore All-Star 1.2 (action 11) Extreme Metal Festival of Bayamo, Granma, Cuba.
Never turn your back on your enemy (action 10) Centro Hispano Americano de Cultura, Havana, Cuba.
2007 Gibara Poor Film Festival. Gibara, Holguín, Cuba.
Hit No-1 (video)
Critical Mass (collective exhibition of the Arte Conducta group directed by the artist Tania Bruguera) Center for the Development of the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.
2006: Presentation of the videos Tropico and Destroy in collateral sample within the Biennial of Liverpool, Liverpool, England.
Resurrection (action 9) Opening of the video and performance event.
Enjoy, 9th Biennial of Havana, Salon Rosado de la Tropical, Havana, Cuba.
La Stravaganza show with the Combinatory Dance Company of Rosario Cárdenas, Mella Theater, Havana, Cuba.
Plasma (action 8) Gala for the 2nd anniversary of Cuban television, Cuba Pavilion, Havana, Cuba.
2005 Lent (action 7) Rock Festival of Jaruco, Havana Province, Cuba.
Fiesta de Conejos (action 6) Holguín Rock Festival Metal HG, Holguin Conejos Festival, Cuba.
Destroy (video)
Nido de Conejos (action 5) Pop-Rock Festival 05, Salon Rosado de la Tropical, Havana, Cuba.
Tropic (video)
2004 Cometa-2 (action 4) Marianao Amphitheater, Havana, Cuba.
Broken Family (action 3) La Madriguera Habana, Cuba.
Danger Bay (action 2) Marianao Amphitheater, Havana, Cuba.
Cometa (action 1) Cine-Teatro Riviera, Havana, Cuba.

Awards and Residencies

1995 Award, Contemporary Cuban Artists, Museum of Fine Arts, Havana.
1992 First Prize, Provincial Exhibition, Art Center, Las Tunas, Cuba.
1991 First Prize, Salon Guernica, Art Center, Las Tunas, Cuba.
1989 Award, Provincial Hall, Art Center, Las Tunas, Cuba.


Art Museum of the Arizona State University, Phoenix, Museum of Latin American Art of Arizona, Long Beach, Museum of Cuban Art of California, Vienna, Austria. Rubin Museum, New York, New York.
Art Nexus Collection, Bogotá, Colombia. Sotheby’s Art Institute, London, New York Richard Guggenheim Collection

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela


Collective April 2015

Artworks (1)

Crack-dance 1.1

Joshue David Hernández Pagliery 2015