Juan Artemisa Suárez Blanco

La Habana, 1953

Education and Professional Experience

A graduate of the Professional School of Arts and of the Higher Pedagogic Institute in 1991. Member of UNEAC (Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba).

He is currently an independent artist.

Personal Exhibitions

He has made numerous solo shows

Collective Exhibitions and Events

He has participated in over 38 group exhibitions.

Awards and Residencies

He has obtained five important prizes, among them: Prize of the FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF Salon in 1993, Pinar del Rio, and the Special Prize of UNEAC in 1996.


His works are in private collections in Cuba and other countries.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

2 + 2 Is Not Always... Landscape

Collective September 2005

Artworks (1)


Juan Artemisa Suárez Blanco 2003