Nelson Domínguez Cedeño

Baire, Santiago de Cuba, September 23, 1947

Education and Professional Experience

He studied at the National School of Art of Cubanacán (1965-1970), where he worked as a professor from 1970 through 1985. He was also a professor and head of the Painting Department of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), and has been a member of the teaching staff of Engraving at that institution.
He is a member of the Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and of the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP).
He has participated in 81 solo shows and more than 200 group exhibitions.

Personal Exhibitions

1970 Pintura y carbon (Painting and Charcoal). L y 23 Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
1985 National Welfare Organization. Athens, Greece.
1989 Dibujos e ilustraciones (Drawings and Illustrations. International Graphic Center, Venice, Italy.
1990 Painting, ceramics and Murano glass. Italian-Latin American Institute, Rome, Italy.
1992 Municipal Museum. Kyoto, Japan.
1993 Promo-Arte Latin American Gallery. Tokyo, Japan.
1994 Casa de las Américas. Madrid, Spain. 1995:   Yugen Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Galería Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan.
Painting, ceramics, sculpture and graphics. Los Oficios Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
1996 Painting and Graphics. Casa de Galicia in Madrid, Spain.
Dos Artistas Cubanos Contemporáneos. Belkis Ayón y Nelson Domínguez. (Two Contemporary Cuban Artists, Belkis Ayón and Nelson Domínguez). Hofstra Museum. Hofstra University, New York, USA.
1997:   Nelson Domínguez, NICAF, Tokyo, Japan.
First Vancouver Art Fair, Vancouver, Canada.
50th anniversary exhibitions. Sculptures, Sketches and Recreations. Los Oficios Gallery, Havana Cuba
Sculptures, Sketches and Recreations, Los Oficios Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
50 Years Nelson Domínguez (retrospective). La Acacia Gallery. Havana, Cuba.
Nelson Domínguez: 50 with Fire, Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Havana, Cuba.
Entre Amigos (Among Friends), National Theater, Havana, Cuba.
Cuban Collectors, Palacio del Segundo Cabo, Havana, Cuba.
Fan Exhibition (dancing acts), Tropicana, Havana, Cuba.
2001 Exhibition at Monte Barreto, 3ra y 72, Playa, Havana, Cuba.
Exhibition Hotel Tryp Cayo Coco, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.
Nelson Domínguez in the Small Space, Small Space Gallery (CNAP), Havana, Cuba.
2003 Nelson Domínguez, City Museum, Havana, Cuba.
2004 Exhibition in the City Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2005 Nelson in Güines, Universal Art Gallery of Güines, Havana, Cuba.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

Distinction for National Culture
Alejo Carpentier Order
Raúl Gómez García Medal
Decoration Gitana Tropical, Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, Havana.
José María Heredia plate, province of Santiago de Cuba.
Holguín Axe, Province of Holguín.
Decoration and Medal of Honor of the Fuji Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
Prize of the International Painting Festival of Cannes-sur-Mer, France.
Prize of Honor. Graphic Biennial of India.
Third prize. 16th Biennial of Tenri, Japan.
First Prize in Painting and Engraving. First Salon of Professors. Havana, Cuba.
Prize of the First Víctor Manuel Triennial of Engraving, Havana, Cuba.
Prize of Engraving. 26 de Julio Salon of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.
First Prize of Xylography, Second Salon of Engraving, Havana, Cuba.
Grand Prix. International Biennial of Wood Engraving, Banzka Bystrika, Czechoslovakia.
Prize of Painting. Triennial of Committed Realistic Art. Sofia, Bulgaria.
Special Prize of the Society of Formative Arts of Kuwait. Second Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba.
Prize of the Jaime Guasch Biennial, Barcelona, Spain.
Prize of Honor. Graphic Biennial of India.


His works are part of private and institutional collections in Cuba, Japan, Mexico, France, the United States of America, England, Holland, India, Malaysia, Panama, Brazil, Colombia and other countries. Among them stand out:
Collection of the Queen of Holland.
Collection of Steven Spielberg.
Collection of Robert Redford.
Council of State of the Republic of  Cuba.
Ministry of Culture, Cuba.
National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuba.
Presidential House of Guatemala.
Collection of the Imperial Palace of Japan.
Museum of the University of Cornell, United States.
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, United States.
Center for Cuban Studies, New York, United States.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Four connection

Collective November 2005

Artworks (3)

The Elegguá

Nelson Domínguez Cedeño 2005

The Throne of the Coalman

Nelson Domínguez Cedeño 2003

Arch of memory

Nelson Domínguez Cedeño 2003