Tomas Vicente Lara Franquis

Placetas, province of Villa Clara, Cuba, 1957.

Education and Professional Experience

A graduate of San Alejandro Academy in 1976, and from the Higher Institute of Art in 1981. Training in the Art Foundry of Loveland. Co., USA, in 1997, and Master in Art by the Higher Institute of Art, Havana, 2001.

Personal Exhibitions

More than thirty of his works have been set up in public spaces in several countries: Cuba, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Lebanon and Puerto Rico.
The Birds. Stainless steel.  Night Club, Matanzas, Cuba. 2002; Conductor Holder. Steel, University of Information Sciences, San Antonio, Havana, Cuba; The Parody. Wood and aluminum. University Center of Los Altos, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2003; Flags. Stainless steel. Tultepec, Mexico; Holder. Steel, Garden of Sculptures, Servando Cabrera Moreno Museum, Havana, Cuba, 2004; Holder. Formed Steel. Artá, Mallorca, Baleares Islands; The Caguas River Jump. Forged reinforced cement. Caguas, Puerto Rico, 2005; Horse. Stainless steel, Technological University of San Luis Potosí, México; Utopia of the Possible. Forged reinforced cement. Business City, Santiago de Chile, 2006.

Awards and Residencies

Among his most important prizes stand out: First Prize of the Wooden Sculptures Salon, Museum of Decorative Arts, Havana, Cuba, 1980; Prize of the contest for the monument to José Martí in Rome, Italy, CODEMA, Havana, Cuba, 1988; Prize of the National Contest to build a monument to the Liberation and Rebel Armies. CODEMA, Havana, 1999.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Standing Firmly

Collective September 2007

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Tomas Vicente Lara Franquis 2007


Tomas Vicente Lara Franquis 2007