Alfredo Sosabravo

Villa Clara, October 25, 1930.

Education and Professional Experience

Graduated at the school attached to San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in 1955.

Personal Exhibitions

He has made more than 30 solo shows

Collective Exhibitions and Events

He participated in over 60 national and international exhibitions.

Awards and Residencies

Among his most important prizes are the National Prize of Plastic Arts in 1997; Gold Medal of the 34th International Ceramics Contest in Faenza, Italy, 1976; Prize of sculpture at the Landscape Salon, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba, 1982.


His works are in the National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuba; the Museum Castle of the Royal Force, Cuba; Museum of Prints, Mexico City; Ponce Art Museum, Puerto Rico; Museum of Prints, Dresden, Germany, and in private collections.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Recount of a prize

Collective July 2004

Recount of a year

Collective July 2005

Thanks for the fire

Collective May 2007

Artworks (5)

The Woods

Alfredo Sosabravo 2011


Alfredo Sosabravo 2004

Sueño infantil fantástico

Alfredo Sosabravo 2004

Anatomicum No.60

Alfredo Sosabravo 1990

Venus Terrenal

Alfredo Sosabravo 1990