Recount of a year

Collective July 2005

Recount for a year

Villa Manuela Gallery emerges as the result of a long dream of the artists and of multiple efforts displayed by the Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), with the will of maintaining a commitment with the best of the national plastic arts, accepting only the art quality as valid proposal and favoring the promotion of the work of art, far from the compromises of the market.
Its exhibition policy has the complex challenge of showing the best of an Association of hundreds of plastic artists from throughout the country, of making different generations and different, not always coincident concepts of art coexist, and at the same time of propitiating a balance with all the art forms, some of which receive little attention in our present reality. For that reason the debates have been long, the opinions and approaches diverse to face this challenge, but it seems to us that only this atmosphere of group work has enabled it to find the best solutions, reduce the errors and obtain results at the height of the representative nature that our institution enjoys in the face of the country’s creators.
The excellence of the installation, the resources that the UNEAC grants for the achievement of each exhibition and the earnest promotional and cultural dissemination work developed by the gallery’s team under a correct leadership have turned it into a different and valuable project in the circle of exhibition spaces in the capital.
One year is not too much time to consolidate the identity of an art gallery in the vast and complex cultural scene. In this short period of time, however, our Villa Manuela Gallery has become a necessary and essential institution for the promotion of the best Cuban art.
José Villa.
President of the Association of Plastic Artists of the UNEAC


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Agustín Bejarano 2005

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Big Angel

Roberto Fabelo 2004

Icarus' Fall

Jorge Hidalgo 2004


Alfredo Sosabravo 2004

The Holy Trinity

Eidania Pérez Casas 2003

Nirvana II

José Antonio Echevarría 2003


Antonio Vidal 1999

Protection and Limit

Carlos Alberto Montes de Oca 1998


Adigio Benítez Jimeno 1996

The Fountain of Life

Ruperto Jay Matamoros 1994

Banana Split

Raul Corrales 1980

Inner Space

Osneldo García 1965

Civic Square

Ernesto Fernández 1957

Christ with Rifle

Alfredo González Rostgaard