Dalvis Tuya Valido

Pinar del Río, 1974

Education and Professional Experience

studied at the Vocational School of Art (EVA), 1989; the National School of Art (ENA), 1994, and the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), 2001.

Personal Exhibitions

She has presented 8 solo shows, among them Man-made Material, Havana Galerie, Zürich, Switzerland, 2009; Post-Classicism, Tenth Havana Biennial, Galería Fresa y Chocolate, Havana, 2009.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

She has participated in more than 36 group exhibitions and art fairs like Montreux Art Fair Art Gallery, Havana Galerie, Basel, Switzerland, 2005; Art Madrid 2007 through 2010; Art Basel, Art-Dimension Gallery, Miami, U.S.A., 2009.


Works of hers are in the collections of the Havana Galerie, the Extremadura Assembly, Spain, and VITROCSA, Portugal.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Del pí al pá

Collective April 2010

Artworks (2)


Dalvis Tuya Valido 2010


Dalvis Tuya Valido 2010