Eduardo Roca (Choco)

Santiago de Cuba, October 13, 1949. Painter and engraver

Education and Professional Experience

School of Art Instructors.
National Art School.
Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Havana.
Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana (Tegh) and the International Artists Association (IAA).
He has taught courses in colleges and universities recorded in Cuba and abroad.

Personal Exhibitions

2006 “Cuban Painting.” Spaces Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
“Flight of bronze.” Kulturzentrum Adiershof. Galerie AltenSchule. Berlin, Germany. (Project between Cuban and German artists and where Choco first place sculpture)
2005 “Choco”. Centro Cultural Infanta Cristina, Pinto. Madrid, Spain.
2004 “Fan of possibilities.” Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, La Habana, Cuba.
2003 “The Breath of Life.” Centro Cultural Casa Lamm, Mexico City, Mexico.
2002 “The Mysteries of the Blue.” Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
“Cuba on the chart,” Erastus Cortes Museum-Workshop, Puebla, Mexico.


Collective Exhibitions and Events

2006 “Instruction Manual.” Convento de Santa Clara, La Habana, Cuba.
2005 Biondetta Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
2000 “Social, intellectual and chic … Europe”, Museum of Rum, Havana, Cuba. This exhibition has itinerate Biaritz Municipal Casino, France and Athens, Greece.
1999 “Afro Cuban Contemporary Art Grafic, Washington, USA.
“Havana Madrid Madrid, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, Havana, Cuba.
“Cercle d` Art Contemporain “, Maison Mathieu, Montpellier, France.
1998 Exhibition of Prints, Argentina.
Biennale Sapporo, Japan.
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Havana, Cuba.

Awards and Residencies

1976 First recorded mention of Santiago de Cuba.
1977 First prize in printmaking and painting, the National Youth Hall.
1981 First prize UNEAC Hall.
Medal of Honor, Hall of Bulgaria Chart.
1984 First prize in Small Format Prints, Orense, Spain.
1995 Order for National Culture.
1999 Grand Prize of Engraving Triennial of Kochi, Japan.



Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, Africa Museum, Chicago, USA, Museum of Prints, Mexico City, Mexico, Museum of Queretaro, Mexico, Fundación Miró, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Fundación Ludwig, Germany, Museum Tama University, Japan; Collection “Art of Our America” Haydee Santamaria, Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba; Museum Kochi, Japan.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Beyond the edge

Eduardo Roca (Choco) October 2010

A son music for Nicolás

Collective July 2006

10 years ...

Collective July 2014

VII Congreso

Collective July 2008

Artworks (15)


Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2014

Abrazos (Embraces)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2010

Reflejos (Reflections)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2010

Reflejos (Reflections)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2010

Reflejos (Reflections)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2010

Reflejos (Reflections)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2010

VII Congreso

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2008

S/T (Untitled)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2008

Más intimo (More Intimate)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2006

El silencio (The Silence)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2004

La siesta (The Nap)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2003


Eduardo Roca (Choco) 2001


Eduardo Roca (Choco) 1998