Ernesto Fernández

Havana, 1939. Photographer

Education and Professional Experience

He was trained as a photographer by well-known Cuban photographers Generoso Funcasta, Carlos Fernández and José Agraz.
He graduated as a journalist in the University of Havana.
He has worked as a photographer in the magazines Carteles, Mella and Cuba Internacional, and in the newspaper Revolución.
He was a war correspondent during the events of Playa Girón, the October (Missile) Crisis, in the struggle against bandits in the Cuban mountains, and during the wars in Angola and Nicaragua.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

From 1962 through 2004 he participated in countless national and international group exhibitions, among them: Ten Years of Revolution, traveling exhibition to Europe and Asia, plus 14 solo shows made in Cuba, the United States of America, Germany, Italy and Japan, among other countries.

Awards and Residencies

He has received numerous prizes, medals and distinctions, among them the Playa Girón Medal, the Internationalist Medal in first degree, the Distinction of National Culture and the Prize to Iberian American Photography granted by Harvard University, USA.


His works are in the permanent collections of Fototeca de Cuba, the Mexican Council of Photography, the Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba and in private collections.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Recount of a year

Collective July 2005


Collective June 2008

Artworks (2)

From the series Angola

Ernesto Fernández 1982

Civic Square

Ernesto Fernández 1957