Harold Vázques Ley


Education and Professional Experience

Studied at the Vocational School of Art in Camagüey (EVA), 1989, the National School of Art of Camagüey (ENA), 1993, and the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), 1998.

Personal Exhibitions

In 2001 he presented his first solo show, Auto-reverso, in the Galería Julián Morales, Camagüey, and in 2002 the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba presented his show The Eternal Moment, in Havana.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

He has participated in several group exhibitions, standing out among them: 10 Years of Contemporary Cuban Photography (1997-2007), Chicago ARTEahora Fair, River East Art Center, Chicago, USA, 2008; Cuestión de zona, Galería Collage Habana, 2009.

Awards and Residencies

In 2001 he was awarded at the 17th Fidelio Ponce Salon and at the 11th City Salon. Four years later he obtained the prize Proyectos Visión de Futuro granted by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID). In 2007 he obtained the residence Bathyscape Project, Havana, Cuba.


His work has been included in the collection of the Museo del Barrio, New York, U.S.A.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Del pí al pá

Collective April 2010

Artworks (2)


Harold Vázques Ley 2010


Harold Vázques Ley 2010