Hilda Vidal Valdés

Havana, 1941

Education and Professional Experience

She learned how to paint taking private classes with Manuel Vidal, painter, draftsman, art critic, poet and storyteller. In 1983 she designed and made the puppets and stage decoration for the piece Little Red Riding Hood, for the Cuban National Puppet Theater.

She is a member of the Association of Artists and Writers of Cuba and of the International Association of Visual Artists (AIAP). She has been a juror in different visual arts salons.

She has made four serigraphs at René Portocarrero Workshop of Havana.

In 2003, her tile design for the Rampa project was selected for execution (reanimation of La Rampa of Havana). In addition to painting, she draws, engraves and makes soft sculpture.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

In 2001, together with artist Rocío García, she represented Cuba in the Iberian American event of female painters “Women with Spirit”, in Panama City.


Some of her works are in private collections in Cuba, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Russia, Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, Belgium, Panama, Argentina, Jamaica, Senegal, Nigeria and Japan.


Her works have been reproduced in the following publications: Cuba Internacional, Revolución y Cultura, Bohemia, Urbe, Albur, España Republicana, Unión. Universidad de la Habana, La Gaceta de Cuba, el Caimán Barbudo, Granma, Juventud Rebelde, Trabajadores, Tribuna de La Habana, Revista Arte Cubano, Mujeres, Decenio (Nicaragua) and ARTNEXUS (Colombia). Raysa White directed a video short film of the series “Mirarte” for the Cuban television network.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Will they suspect how many secrets there are?

Hilda Vidal Valdés June 2018

The Danger of The Subconscious

Hilda Vidal Valdés August 2008

Artworks (28)

They make evaporate the suns

Hilda Vidal Valdés (Showroom) 2013

Ensnaring shadows

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2018

The vague corners of the dreams

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2017

Which hope do you consider?

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2017

Beauty you are in grave danger

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2017

Seems to wait for the autumn

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2017

In which language does the rain fall?

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2016

Which size has the time?

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2016

The peace's architecture

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2016

Scents miraculously conserved

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2016

They keep my heart yellow in gold

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2016

Autumn a clandestine season

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2015

High and tender image of the consolation

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2015

Those masks halfway occupied

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2015

Washed with sunshine

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2015

An unforgetable party

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2015

Is life and nothing else

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2015

Motionless, glorious and forever

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2013

Invisible but liberating

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2013

You use as a mirror the shining sun

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2013

Mistaken figures

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2008

A white silence

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2007

The darkest corner of the breeze

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2007

The deadweight carried by memory

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2007

The discoverer of the night

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2004

Portrait of P.P.

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2003