Javier Castro Rivera

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Ciudad de La Habana, 1984

Education and Professional Experience

2004-2009 Higher Institute of Art, ISA. Faculty of Visual Arts. Havana.
2007-2009 Diploma in Humanities, Escuelas Pías of Cuba, attached to the Christopher Columbus University of Mexico. Escuelas Pías of Guanabacoa.
2004-2006 Behavior Art Chair. Founded and conducted by Tania Bruguera. Higher Institute of Art. Havana. Diploma.
1999-2003 San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts. Havana.
1994-1999 José A. Díaz Peláez Basic School of Fine Arts. Havana.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

2010 Visions: Challenges. Art Loop 2010 Video Festival. Barcelona. Spain. 2008:    Anniversaries. Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center. Havana, Cuba. / El geni de les coses. Traveling show to cultural centers of Barcelona. Art Dissemination Office of Barcelona. Mataró, Spain. (2009). El Prat de Llobregat. Barcelona, Spain. (2010)./ Natural light. A Screening of Cuban Film and Video Art. Franklin West Lecture Hall. Hampshire College. Massachusetts, USA.
2009 20 Years Are Nothing. Center for the Development of the Visual Arts (CDAV). Havana, Cuba./ 31st International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema. Havana. Cuba/ II International Video Art Festival of Camagüey. Cuba./ PLAFF. Providence Latin American Film Festival. USA./ Colombia Experiments. Latin Americano Festival of Media Arts. 4.0 Version.  Comunidad Comunismo. Bogotá. Colombia./ Confluencias II Inside: Contemporary Cuban Art, NHCC Art Museum. National Hispanic Cultural Center, New Mexico, USA/ Latin American Video Art. Second Digital Arts Meeting: Digital Dialects. Simón I Patiño Center, La Paz, Bolivia./ Experimental Art and Video Art from Cuba. Cuban Artists. Casa     del encuentro, Museum of Antioquia. Medellín. Colombia./ Always in the Struggle. Loop 2009 Video Art Festival. Mediatech Caixa Forum. Barcelona. Spain./ 8th Meeing of New Filmmakers. Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry, ICAIC.Havana, Cuba. / Videoarde. Critical Video in Latin America and the Caribbean Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico City. Spanish Cultural Center in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ochoymedio Cinema, Quito, Ecuador. MOCA Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, and Spanish Cultural Center, Córdoba,  Argentina.
2008 Erotics. National Museum of Fine Arts, International Art Building. Havana, Cuba./ 1st Video Art Festival. Camagüey, Cuba./ Curators Go Home. Espacio Aglutinador.     Havana, Cuba./ Irreversible Simulations. Salle Zero. Alliance Française. Havana, Cuba/ Word one minute de Buren (Dutch-Flemish Cultural Center) Brussels, Belgium. / Grove. Body is Bodies. International Festival of Contemporary Art, Jesús Gallardo Gallery. León, Guanajuato, Mexico./ Cuban Convertibles. Galería Habana, Cuba./ We are Porno, Yes. Espacio Aglutinador. Havana, Cuba./  6th Film Festival.    Gibara. Holguín. Cuba./ Bathyscape Residence. Triangle Art Trust. HIVOS Foundation, UK. First edition February-March. Havana, Cuba./ 7th Show of New     Filmmakers. Havana, Cuba./ State of Exchange: Artists from Cuba: Iniva. UK.
2007 International Video Festival. The One Minute. Belgium. /…topias. Servando Cabrera Gallery, Havana, Cuba. / The Hero. Remake in Cuba. Salle Zero, Alliance Française, Havana, Cuba. / Without Magic and Without Performance. Salle Zero, Alliance Française, Havana, Cuba. / Traveling. Reality or Fiction. International     Performance and Audiovisual Event. Actualidades movie theater, Havana, Cuba. / Neither in Favor nor Against, Totally the Opposite. Faculty of Arts and Literature. University of Havana, Cuba. / Close Up. Special edition. Videos of Cuban artists, Mexico City.
2006 Re-writable. Art of Behavior Chair, Havana, Cuba./ Presentation during the 9th Havana Biennial. Art of Behavior Workshop. Home of Tania Bruguera, Havana, Cuba.
2005-2006 Good, Pretty and Cheap. Havana. Winner of the AECI Curatorship prize. Spanish Embassy in Cuba.
2004 Makarov. Casa Gaia. Havana. Cuba. / Centrifugue. Center for the Development of the Visual Arts. Havana, Cuba.
2003 Disability of the Body. Action performed in Old Havana, Cuba.
2002 Copyright. Spanish Cultural Center. Havana, Cuba.

Awards and Residencies

2008 Residence PERRO, Laboratorio Espacio Aglutinador, Havana. Cuba.
2008 Residence Bathyscape. Havana. Triangle Art Trust. HIVOS Foundation, UK.
2008 Prize to Documentary. Cuban Association of the Cinematographic Press. Cuba.
2002 First Visual Arts Salon Waldo Luís Rodríguez. Hermanos Saíz Association.
2001 Grand Prix. San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts.


Mediateca Caixa Forum. Barcelona. España.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela


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