Julia Valdés Borrero

Santiago de Cuba, 1952

Education and Professional Experience

She graduated from the José Joaquín Tejada School and Workshop of Visual Arts in Santiago de Cuba; from the National School of Art in Havana, and obtained a Bachelor degree in Art History from the University of Oriente, in Santiago de Cuba.

Personal Exhibitions

She has presented solo shows since 1978 in Cuba, Germany, the Dominican Republic, Colombia.

Collective Exhibitions and Events

She participated in group exhibitions in Holland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, France and Spain.

Awards and Residencies

She has obtained prizes in National Salons and the Grand Prize of Painting No Morrazo in Galicia, Spain.


Her works are in the collections of the Emilio Bacardí Museum, in Santiago de Cuba, and in the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Havana, Cuba.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

5 Abstract painters

Collective June 2007

Artworks (1)


Julia Valdés Borrero 2006