Pedro Hernández Torres

Havana , May 13, 1953.

Education and Professional Experience

1970- 1973 Studies at “San Alejandro” Academy of Fine Arts.
1978 He graduates as the best student of his class, at the National School of Art.
1983 He graduates from the Higher Institute of Art.
1983-1986 He was director of the municipal gallery of Marianao, Havana.

In addition to his work as a creator, he heads the team Culture and Tradition, which intends to reinsert traditions in applied arts and in art in general.
He belongs to Reencuentro (Reunion), a work team that specializes in visual arts, teaching methodology and studies on the culture and identity of humankind. In his work with both groups he has been the author, co-author and promoter of the projects of watercolors, seascapes and landscapes in his initial exhibitions, with Carmen García as part of the Reencuentro’s team and later as director of Domingo Ravenet Gallery, which includes the project in its exhibition program.
He has promoted a group of landscape artists, both in its traditional form and in its renewal and free creation. In addition, with the group of artists he carries out a program of guidance, exchange and teaching for self-made artists, publications, mounting of exhibitions and research for those interested, with support from Cuban specialists and critics as well as with promoters and galleries abroad.
He was the organizer and promoter of the project of the first Víctor Manuel Landscape Salon, with the important collaboration as co-authoress of Nieves Machado, a specialist at the gallery of the same name belonging to the FCBC.

He carries out research on these themes and others related with ceramics. Being a creator in his form of art, he collaborates with the City Historian’s Office of Havana in the reinsertion of traditional techniques, supports and decoration based on studies of the documentation in the archives and archaeological cabinet, and with the support of specialists. This work has resulted in the creation of flasks with different supports for the parfumerie 1791, works for the Colección Habana china collection, traditional containers for aromatic leaves and medicines, tobacco cases and dishes, among other items.

2004 Fifty Cuban artists at the Arch of Triumph in France, organized by UNEAC and French entities.
Cuban painting in Malaysia, organized by the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods and Malaysian institutions.
Solo show in La Acacia Gallery, together with an overall exhibition of contemporary Cuban landscape and solo show by Diego Torres.

2003 First National Landscape Salon. President of the jury, organizer, promoter and guest at the exhibition.
Conjunction, group exhibition in tribute to Reinaldo Calvo and Manuel Hernández. Paintings and ceramics. ACAA.
2nd Salon of Seascapes. Domingo Ravenet Gallery.
Mirada introspectiva (Introspective Glance) Hotel O’Farril. Historical Center of Havana.
Paisajes (Landscapes). Building of the Monte Barreto Trade Center.
Cuba: Genio y Arte (Cuba: Genius and Art). Edwell Gallery, Spain.

2002 First Salon of Seascapes. Domingo Ravenet Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
Group Exhibition organized by UNEAC.  Madrid, Spain.
First Landscape Salon. Domingo Ravenet Gallery, Havana,Cuba.
Group exhibition. Hotel Parque Central, Havana,Cuba
Solo show on the anniversary of the foundation of the city of Havana. Wifredo Lam Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
He participates and organizes the exhibition “Mirada introspectiva” (Introspective Glance), with the members of the team Culture and Tradition: Omar Torres, Alicia de la Campa, Cinecio Cuétara, Raúl Perdomo, Vladimir Iglesias, Emilio Batista, among others.
Solo show “Sunset and Other Fugues”. Hotel Florida, Havana, Cuba,
“Ora pro nobis”. Group exhibition on the Charity Virgin of Cobre. Seminario San Carlos and Casa de la Obrapía, Havana, Cuba.
Paisaje Cubano Contemporáneo (Contemporary Cuban Landscape) Carlos Manuel, Marcelino Vizcaíno, Pedro Hernández Torres. AA Gallery, Puerto Rico. With promotion in the magazine Arte Latinoamericano.
2001 Landscapes. Group exhibition.Museum of Pennsylvania.
Random exhibitions and in spaces of the promoters of the magazine ArteyArtes, Mexico http/ Promotion in the publication ‘Marzo-Mayo” .
Cultural Days of Cuba in Athens, Greece. Evening Concert in DO-S.
Group exhibition De paisajes y paisajistas (From Landscapes and Landscape Artists). La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
Cuban Cultural Days in Italy. Invited by CNAP.
“Reflejos”. Group exhibition organized by Reencuentro. Domingo Ravenet Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
Group exhibition. Domingo Ravenet Gallery and Hotel Riviera, International Salon.
“Reencuentro”. Tribute to the 183rd anniversary of San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba. He participates among the organizers of the project, together with
Carmen García y Jesús Zaldivar.
2000  7th Havana Biennial. Avellaneda Gallery, Cuban National Theater. Group exhibition: ”Concierto Nocturno en Do-S (Evening Concert in C sharp).  Pedro Hernández Torres and Carlos Matas Pichs. Guest artist: Ana  Toledo.
Group exhibition of Landscapes. “Y/O” Gallery, Miami. United States.
“Trópicos Cubanos”. Group exhibition of Landscapes. International Images Gallery, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
1999 “Imaginaciones Cubanas” (Cuban Imaginations). Group exhibition, Spain.
Third Salon of Cuban-Mexican Visual Arts Salon. On the occasion of the Days of Cuban Culture. Cuban Embassy, Mexico City, Mexico.
“Añoranzas de Cuba” (Longings of Cuba). Privilege Salon of La Boom Show Center, Mexico.

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Daytime and at Nighttime

Pedro Hernández Torres January 2005

Recount of a year

Collective July 2005

Artworks (14)

Chronicles from a Day in San Juan

Pedro Hernández Torres 2005

Mirror of Tears

Pedro Hernández Torres 2005

Awaiting an Afterwards

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

Idyllic Space II

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

Evocation of an Old Lady

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

At Nightfall

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

The Daily (Sketches of my Havana)

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

Small Village at Nightfall

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004


Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

Interiores con sábanas

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

People from the Neighborhood

Pedro Hernández Torres 2004

Idyllic Space at the Quibú Bank

Pedro Hernández Torres 2000

Small Village at Twilight

Pedro Hernández Torres 1999