• BELIKI TUMAN: Rocío García
    Rocío García: Beliki Tuman. April - May 2019
Recent Work

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

The goal of Villa Manuela is to promote the artists associated to the UNEAC. These are the expositions of the last few months.

Beliki Tuman (The Big Fog)

Rocio García (In Gallery) April 2019

Popular Mechanics

Jeosviel Abstengo March 2019

Full Seasoning

Yuri Santana January 2019

Behind the Silver Line

Adislén Reyes Pino December 2018

Recent Flights

Aluan Argüelles October 2018

Sentimental chronicles

Chuli Herrera August 2018

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In addition to the main room, the Gallery exhibits some other works for longer on its offices. These are just some of them.


Arístides Hernández (Ares) 2017


Chuli Herrera 2017

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