• Sideral hipocampo muestra de Glauber Ballestero, septiembre-octubre
Recent Work

Exhibitions in Villa Manuela

Villa Manuela exhibits the artists associated to the UNEAC. These are the last expositions.

El Mundo Como Supermercado

Janette Brossard Duharte (In Gallery) November 2023


Elvis Cellez González August 2022

Una realidad aparte

Osmeivy Ortega Pacheco June 2022

La Espiral Eterna

José Ramón Villa Soberón November 2021

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In addition to the main room, the Gallery exhibits some other works for longer on its offices. These are just some of them.


René Peña 2007

They make evaporate the suns

Hilda Vidal Valdés 2013

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